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Choose between a quarterly or annual plan which also includes a free ticket for our upcoming events.

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What's included in the Nomadbase PRO membership?

Join our private online community including member location map skill directory and a global community chat with business, travel and location channels.

Immediate access to all Nomadbase Academy content. Learn the best tools and tactics from nomads that have been running their online business while traveling for many years.

Weekly community program with travel meet-ups, networking and interactive talks that help you to connect and learn from other nomads.

Weekly members newsletter with the latest community updates for our events, chapters and travel plans and business opportunities for members.

Monthly mastermind sessions that help you start and grow your business faster and connect and learn from other members of the community.

Get exclusive access to super early bird tickets where you can save even more and join before anyone else.

Bonus (only with the annual plan): New members in the Nomadbase Community will receive a free ticket/member discount to one of our Nomadbase Live events (Value: €200 / Valid for a year). 

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When joining Nomadbase you can choose between a quarterly and yearly plan. The yearly membership is a bit cheaper and includes a free ticket for a Nomadbase event.

We want to keep our network exclusive and will raise prices as more members are joining. Join us early to get lifetime access for the lowest rates.

Nomadbase PRO

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Nomadbase PRO

Save 20% when you join the yearly Nomadbase Membership and get a free ticket for our next events.



*€24.14 € per month / excl. VAT
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