Reconnect, learn and share lifetime experiences on Entrepreneur Island Cyprus

The Nomadbase Community meets three times per year in a beautiful destination around the world. We reconnect, learn and share lifetime experiences together. On our first event ever we meet in Cyprus - the online entrepreneur hotspot of the Mediterranean. Join us for an incredible week in Paphos - one of the most beautiful cities in Cyprus.

What to expect at #nblcyprus

We designed the program in a way that it has the best of all worlds. Share, learn and bring the best out of yourselves and each other during our conference program and make lasting connections while exploring the beautiful island of Cyprus together.

🎀 Conference

If you're here, it means you're thirsty for hands-on knowledge, case studies and tips & tricks. We’re selecting the speakers and topics with this in mind.

🧠 Masterminds

Masterminds are a great way to bounce ideas and learn from each other. Let your peers support and inspire you, and make a difference in how you run your business.

πŸ” Adventures

Cyprus has something for everyone and the possibilities for activities are endless. We're talking diving, hiking, wine tours, rich history and so much more!

πŸ’» Coworking

Need to work during the event? That's okay! We will allocate plenty of time for you to get your work done, and we also know the best place in town to do so.

⛡️ Sunset Cruise

Let's celebrate life, good times and the fact that we can share these with each other. Watch the sun hide behind horizon while enjoying a glass of wine and great company.

πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Fitness

During this week we'll nurture not just our minds but also our bodies. Start your day active and join us for a relaxing yoga or a strenuous workout session on the beach.


Johannes Voelkner

Founder of Nomadbase

The Future of Nomadbase

Annemarie Konijn

Travel blogger & e-commerce business owner

How to Not Only Survive a Crisis, but Get out of It Stronger than Before

Rachelle Leerling & Lennart van der Ziel

Holistic Entrepreneur Coaches

Becoming a Superhuman Entrepreneur: Fixing the Paradox of Being Happy, Healthy & Successful

Andrea Paige

Emotional Intelligence Specialist 

EQ for Overachievers

Nina Lehmann

Life Design & Career Coach

How to Find and Keep Focus While Designing a Life You Love

Dean Kuchel 

Ambassador of the digital nomad lifestyle

How to Build, Lead and Monetize Online Communities

Daniel Vogler

Co-founder & CEO of AMZSCALE

How to Live a Life True to Yourself & Build a 100+ Employee Remote Company

Jan Kutschera 

Director of Marketing at Laura Seiler Life Coaching GmbH

Avoid Typical Mistakes When Building Your Marketing Funnel

Surya Sanchez

Put Your Business on Autopilot and Live Life to the Fullest

Kristiaan Hilger

Cryptocurrency investor

How to Generate Passive Income with Crypto through Staking, Lending and Liquidity Mining


Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean Sea is well known for its amazing weather, golden beaches, beautiful mountains, water sports, wine routes, delicious cuisine, friendly people and rich history. At the same time it's home to many online entrepreneurs and a homebase for many digital nomads. Many reasons to discover it together :)


What's included 

🌍 7 day live event in Paphos
πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ Conference program with talks and workshops
🧠 Mastermind sessions
⛡️ Sunset cruise
 πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Access to free and paid adventure activities

€ 150

€ 300

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Where should I stay?

Paphos is a big area and it can be difficult to meet if we're spread all over the city. To make it easier to meet for everyone we will recommend a designated area to stay at within town. It will also be the area where we will meet for most of the Nomadbase Live programs.

When should I arrive?

If your schedule is flexible, we recommend arriving in Paphos 2 days before the event to settle in and to already meet other participants at informal meetups.

Do I need to take a holiday to participate?

In general we suggest you to take a few days of holiday during the event, so that you can fully focus on the experience and the people around you. If your schedule is flexible, we recommend to stay a bit longer in Cyprus and catch up on work after the gathering. If you do need to get some work done, that's okay too - our program always starts after 11 am, so you can work in the mornings. 

How can I contribute to the program?

We are already busy finalizing the talks with the first set of speakers. We will announce the line-up very soon! If you feel like you have something to share with the community as well, we’d love to hear from you at

What are the Covid regulations to enter Cyprus?

The arrival process in Cyprus is very easy but the exact steps depend on where you're arriving from. To find the latest info to enter Cyprus you can check:

What happens if the event is cancelled due to Covid regulations?

We constantly monitor the situation and are positive that we can make the event happen. However in case we have to cancel it, your payment will be refunded.

More questions? We're happy to help:


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