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Join a global network of digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs, who meet in beautiful places, keep in touch and support each other.


Join Nomadbase Live TARIFA 28 april to 11 May 2025

Join the nomadbase community for a 2-week long workation in the South of Spain. Feel local in a global setting!

What to Expect when you join Nomadbase

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Connect, learn and share

We know how difficult it is to keep in touch when you are on the road. Therefore we organize live events for digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs to re-connect, make new friends, learn and share lifetime experiences together. 


Learn how to launch and grow your
business while traveling the world

Growing a business while traveling can be challenging. To make it easier for you to get inspired and learn, we’ve put together the Nomadbase Academy for members where experienced members share the most important tactics to launch and grow an online business.


Experienced digital nomads share their best
tools and tactics in over 100 talks and workshops

When joining Nomadbase you will get immediate access to the Nomadbase Academy with over 40 different talks and workshops. The main topics we discuss inside the membership are nomad life, remote work, mindset and entrepreneurship. We’re also constantly adding new talks to the Academy, so you’ll always find something valuable there.


Learn to combine work and travel and find balance on the road.
  • How to make the digital nomad life sustainable
  • Embracing loneliness as a digital nomad 
  • How to work and travel as a family
  • Life reDesign – How to create a life that suits you


Learn how to transition to remote work and run any business remotely.
  • How to find a well paid remote job
  • How to build and run a traditional business remotely
  • How to build a profitable remote business
  • Building a remote service business with freelancers
  • Particularities of remote communication


Learn the necessary skills and habits to become the best version of yourself.
  • Mindset roadblocks when transitioning towards entrepreneurship
  • How to conquer your mind and dare
  • How to go from the corporate rat race to financial freedom
  • How to build and stick to healthy routines in your location independent lifestyle


Learn the essential skills to launch and grow a remote business.
  • How to start a remote business from scratch
  • How to build sales funnels and automize your business
  • Systems built for the Nomad Entrepreneur 
  • Remote leadership for solopreneurs
  • How to build a profitable remote business

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Why join a Nomadbase Event?

Joining a supportive community of location independent entrepreneurs and digital nomads comes with many benefits 🙂


Benefit from a network that helps you to accelerate faster in business and life.


Get immediate access to a supportive network of nomads and connect before you travel.


Keeping in touch while you travel is difficult. We make it easier for you.


We meet in incredible destinations that most nomads don't usually go to.


Reunite with your friends at some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Not sure where to go next? Join our members anytime in selected meeting points around the world. Get insider advice on where to stay and connect with other members who plan to go as well

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