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Join a global network of digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs, who meet in beautiful places, keep in touch and support each other.

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What to expect when you join Nomadbase


Reunite with your nomad friends in beautiful places around the world.


Keep in touch, collaborate and plan your next trip together.


Learn the tools and tactics of successful digital nomads and entrepreneurs.


Connect to other members with similar skills and easily find those who are nearby.


Join our regular events. Learn, connect and meet other members nearby.


Join private mastermind sessions and get direct feedback from the community. Grow faster.


Re-connect, learn and share lifetime experiences at Nomadbase Live Events

We know how difficult it is to keep in touch when you are on the road. Therefore we organize a grand reunion and conference for our members where you can reconnect, make new friends, learn and share lifetime experiences together. All reunions happen in incredible destinations. Sometimes we meet in nomad hotspots and other times we come together on a remote island completely off the track.

Upcoming Live Events

Every few months the Nomadbase Community reunites in a beautiful place around the world. Join us for lifetime experiences, skill sharing and celebrations and make memories together.




Learn how to launch and grow your business while traveling the world

Growing a business while traveling can be challenging. To make it easier for you to get inspiration and learn, we've put together the Nomadbase Academy where experienced members share the most important tactics to launch and grow an online business. We're constantly adding new talks to the Academy, so you'll always find something valuable there.

Academy modules


Learn the essential skills to launch and grow a 7 figure remote business.


Learn to transition to remote work and to run any business remotely.


Learn to combine work and travel and find  balance on the road.


Learn the necessary skills and habits to become the best version of yourself.

Why join Nomadbase?

Joining a supportive community of location independent entrepreneurs and digital nomads comes with many benefits :)


Benefit from synergies and a network that helps you to accelerate faster in business and life.


Get immediate access to a supportive network of nomads and connect before you go.


Keeping in touch while you travel is difficult. We make it easier for you.


We meet in incredible destinations most nomads don't go to.


Connect before you go

Not sure where you to go next? Join our members anytime in selected meeting points around the world. Get insider advice on where to stay and connect with other members who plan to go as well.

Watch our Webinar to find out even more about Nomadbase and our plans for the future


From the founder of Nomad Cruise

Over 1500 digital nomads have joined our transatlantic cruises in the past. Then Covid came... Now we're taking what we've learned on land and invite you to join us on this journey. Simply sign-up so we can keep you updated with the latest news from our community and let you know where we meet next :)

Connect. Grow. Experience.

You're invited to join the first international business & travel club for digital nomads.

A special gift with the annual plan

Nomadbase is a paid membership community. Your support allows us to do so much more than other communities can. It helps us focus on delivering a good service to you and build an outstanding community that supports each other while keeping all the trolls outside at the same time.

Since we are just getting started, we are giving away a special gift for those who join us early and commit to a yearly membership. As a founding member you will receive a free ticket to one of our upcoming live events (valid for one year as long as you're still a member). All you need to do is sign-up below for the annual plan so we can welcome you as a new member to our community. Email us at in case you have any questions :).

What's included in the Nomadbase Membership?

  • Access to a private online community including member location map, private discord chat and member directory.
  • Weekly newsletter and community program organized for Nomadbase members including thematic meet-ups, mentoring and much more.
  • Monthly mastermind sessions that help you grow your business faster and connect and learn from other members of the community.
  • Immediate access to all Nomadbase Academy content. Learn the best tools and tactics from nomads that have been running their online business while traveling for many years.
  • Early member bonus with the annual plan: As an early member of the Nomadbase Community you will receive a free ticket to one of our Nomadbase Live events (Value: €150 / Valid for a year, as long as you're still a member). 

As a paid community we are able to develop so many things for our members that others can’t and we are excited to announce even more features in 2022.

Sign-up for less than €1 per day

To join Nomadbase and get access to our weekly program and global events you can choose between two different payment plans. If you choose the yearly plan you will get two months access for free plus a free ticket to one of our live events.

We want to keep the network exclusive and will raise prices as more members are joining. Join us early to get lifetime access for lowest rates.

Try Nomadbase without any risks. Cancel anytime.
30-day money-back guarantee.

Got questions? We're happy to help :)