Tax Basics for Digital Nomads

Unlock the secrets of navigating tax challenges and possibilities as a digital nomad with our Tax Basics for Digital Nomads course. Led by Grace, a seasoned digital nomad and expert in US tax for expats and nomads, this course empowers you to take control of your tax situation and strategically structure your finances for powerful wealth-building opportunities.

About this course

This course covers basic tax concepts that are relevant to digital nomads, from personal tax residency, to company formation, and why any of this is important. When you start living an international life, your taxes become more complex, but there are also often opportunities to intentionally structure your finances in a way that works for your unique situation. Follow the lessons and empower yourself to make informed decisions, protect your financial interests, and unlock new possibilities that align with your business, lifestyle, and goals for the future. Think of this course as a first step before you talk to qualified professionals in the relevant countries.

Grace is a Canadian digital nomad, who specialises in US tax for expats and nomads. She’s been location independent since 2017, and she has personally been a (tax!) resident of 5, going on 6, different countries. She believes the location independent lifestyle gives us an incredible opportunity to design our lives and structure our finances in a way that can allow for powerful wealth-building, if done intentionally.

With Grace’s practical insights and guidance, you’ll gain the knowledge to make informed decisions aligned with your unique situation, business, and lifestyle goals. This course serves as your essential first step towards optimizing your tax strategy, paving the way for financial success as a digital nomad.

Key Course Highlights

  1. Personal Tax Residency: Learn why personal tax residency is important and how it differs from immigration status or citizenship.
  2. Business Structuring: Recognize the need for tailored business structures based on personal tax residency and consider compliance and industry-specific factors.
  3. Assessing Your Options: Understand the importance of setting priorities, seeking professional advice, and ensuring a manageable and sustainable tax strategy.
  4. Maintenance/Compliance: Take a proactive approach to tax compliance, build a reliable team, and stay informed through asking questions.
  5. Future Goals/Planning: Consider investment and retirement considerations, explore additional goals like permanent residency or acquiring additional passports.

Don’t let tax complexities hold you back from thriving as a digital nomad. Take the first step towards financial empowerment as a digital nomad and unlock the opportunities that lie ahead.

About Instructor

Grace Taylor

Grace is a Canadian digital nomad, who specialises in US tax for expats and nomads. She has personally been a (tax!) resident of 5, going on 6, different countries.

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