Nomadbase live Tarifa 2024 Conference Program

The skill-sharing

Talks & Workshops

Take a look at some of the speakers who shared their knowledge on stage. 

Stella Guan

Co-Founder & CEO, Path Unbound

Building a Tech-Startup on a Shoestring Budget

Jenny Song Schmidt

Influencer Marketing Consultant

Personal Branding Mastery: A Roadmap to Six-Figure Freelancing

Steven Brandt

KNR & Hypnosis Coach

Nomad Relationship 101: How to Build Meaningful Romantic Relationships That Last

Sylvia Weinheimer

Senior Art Director, Vision Coach

Navigating Life's Changes: Reconnecting to Your Vision for Clarity and Confidence

Rico Patzer

Creative Marketing Strategist

Settling as a Nomad: Life Design After Full-time Traveling

Nanni Schleicher

Founder, Consultant, Scientist

Stress Management Essentials: Unlocking a Balanced Life

Jack Smith


Unleashing Your Infinite Potential: The W.O.N. of Zero Workshop

Olla Jongerius

Founder, BeamReach Inclusion

Unlocking the Power of Diversity of Thought: Mitigating Unconscious Bias in Business and Nomadic Decision Making

Miriam Tymiec

Breathwork Facilitator

Spark Your Fire: A Journey of Transformation through Breathwork

Bori Vigh


Deep Connection Workshop

Jan Kutschera


Beyond the Personal Brand: Finding Your True Path to Success

Julia Schmitz

Performance Coach, Speaker, Host

Making Every Moment Count: Mastering First Impressions

Jonny Stahl

Rehab & Performance Specialist

Nomadic Health Mastery: A Guide to Regulating Your Nervous System

Coco Dahdouh

Founder & Retreat Specialist

Retreat Architect: Crafting Your Blueprint for Success

Nadine Kleifges

Relationship Coach

From 1 to 10,000: Unveiling the Secrets to Instagram Success

Adriana Selleri

Entrepeneur, Business Consultant

Embracing Ikigai: Cultivating a More Fulfilling Life Beyond Career Choices

Simone Vincenzi

Webinar & Conversion Expert

Grow With Strategic Partnerships: How to Grow Your Audience by Getting Others to Promote Your Offers

Lena Wetzel

Certified Coach, Content Creator

From Self-Doubt to Self-Love: Transforming Your Inner Narrative

Florian Lindner

Founder, Marketing Specialist, Mentor

From Zero to Hero: Mastering Facebook/Instagram Ads for Business Growth

Isabel Leong

SEO Coach & Travel Blogger

Content Marketing Unleashed: How 2 Million Pageviews Brought $200k+ Freedom

Stefanos Antypas

Social Media Advisor

Capoeira for Beginners

Ronald Kandelhard


Exploring the Crypto Bull Market: 5 Key Developments and Future Directions

Kiki Fukai

Wellbeing Producer

Navigating Adversity: Strategies for Maintaining Positivity and Motivation

Nanni Schleicher

Founder, Consultant, Scientist

Yoga Unveiled: A Behind-the-Scenes Journey

Johannes Voelkner

Founder, Nomadbase

Effective Workflows to 10x Your Productivity with Automations and AI

Helene Roselstorfer

Coach, Feng Shui Consultant & Tao Geomancy Master

Accelerate Your Success: 7 Hacks for Goal-Setting and Manifestation

Sebastian Grote

Serial Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor

The Productivity Revolution: Transform Your Work-Life Balance

Aanan Patel

Real Estate Investor/Owner

Jump Start Your Real Estate Journey: Lower Your Cost of Entry Through Renovations

Patrick Zimmer

Branding Enthusiast

Everything You Need to Know to Develop a Branding Mindset

Miriam Tymiec

Kitesurfer, Biohacker

10 Habits to Wake up Stoked

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