CAPE TOWN I 7-13 Nov '22


Conference Program

Learn the best tools and tactics of other digital nomads in over 20 keynotes and interactive workshops.

This is only the first set of our amazing speakers.
We will regularly add new speakers to the program. 


Tobias Rauscher

The Passion Business Revolution: How to Turn your Passion into a 6-fig Business

Designing the life of your dreams is now easier than ever, yet most new entrepreneurs fail because of the same pitfalls. Tobias Rauscher will share his key insights into how me built several fully-automated 6-figure businesses, so you can do the same!

Ruth Cremer

Advanced Business Strategies: What You Probably Haven’t Thought of to Boost Your Remote Business

This talk showcases unique business stories and highlights what you can learn from them and how to adapt their outstanding ideas and strategies to reach the goals of your business.

Steph Isava

Remote Closing: How to Make A 6 Figure Income without Starting Your Own Business

Follow Steph's journey from the 9-to-5 corporate world, to finding her niche in the blooming industry of Remote High-Ticket Closing. Learn about the opportunities in this open and growing field.

Marcel Wijermars

The Introvert Way to Create a Life of Abundance: From Missing out to Infinite Opportunities

Nomad loneliness is a serious and prevalent problem. Ironically, you're not alone. Marcel Wijermars will show us how to create a sustainable, truly connected, non-lonely nomad life.

Tony Ventura

The Most Incredible and Unknown Tools for Digital Nomads and Online Business Owners

Growth hacking for Digital Nomads! The best strategies and tools to travel the world at 1/10th the cost, PLUS the best growth hacking tools for business and life!

Nikki Bartol

Money Mindset & Money Management as an Entrepreneur

Nikki is a Money Mindset Coach and during her talk, she will help you learn how to make confident financial decisions and manage your finances efficiently by improving your relationship with money.

Johannes Voelkner

The Future of Digital Nomads: Opportunities and New Destinations

What an incredible time to be a pioneer in the digital nomad movement! Thousands of people around the world are starting their location-independent lifestyles and new opportunities are abudant and ripe for the taking! Johannes will talk about the future of digital nomads, and the many opportunities, locations and possibilities ahead!


Lydia Baikalova & Jamessee Moulton

How to Have a Gratifying Sex Life as a Digital Nomad

In this workshop, Lydia and Jamessee will first guide participants through an exploration of the link between sex life and authentic connection. Afterward, they'll provide hands-on tools for improving the understanding of needs, desires, and boundaries, and give a framework for communicating them to others.

Santiago Sosa

Develop a Strong Online Marketing Strategy for Your Business

In this workshop, Santiago will show you how to set up the foundation for you to create a successful marketing strategy that can grow with your business, specially designed for nomads that run their own business or are currently starting one.

Simone Vincenzi

Convert With Webinars: How to Add an Extra 6 Figures with Webinars Even if You Don’t Have a Big Audience

Over the past 6 years, Simone ran more than 500 webinars and tested over 70 different presentation styles hoping to find a way to create incredible value for the audience and make great sales at the same time. He eventually found the elements that would make the biggest difference during a webinar and in hos workshop he'll share the secret with us.

Nadine Kleifges

How to Find a Homebase within Yourself to Build Stable and Meaningful Relationships

In this relationship workshop, we will dive deep into the different attachment styles. Through a short questionnaire we can learn our dominant attachment type, and how we relate to others. And with some practical exercises, we'll try to understand where might our fears, avoidance, and ambivalence come from.

Surya Sanchez

Automate Your Client Onboarding

With each new client your business gains, are you spending your time sending them the same documents, contracts, and resources each time? Surya will help you learn how to automate the client onboarding process so you can get your time back. 

Julia Schmitz

How to Flirt with the Camera

How can you truly be yourself in front of the camera? It is not always easy to be authentic and find the right tone of voice when you have to get your message through the camera. We will learn in this interactive Workshop how to find your voice in front of the camera.

Bori Vigh

True-to-self Business Design - How to Expand Your Business without Selling Your Soul

Bori's workshop focuses on how solopreneurs and freelancers can define the important aspects of their business in a way that genuinely reflects their purpose and personalities. These tools will help you find and better articulate your unique selling points, help you to know which strategies work for you, and make it easier to take the next step in your business.

Stefan Kollenberg

How to Build an Outbound Sales Strategy & Tech Stack as a Founder

This is a hands-on workshop for founders that want to establish their outbound sales strategy. Stefan will guide you through setting the foundation of your strategy, how to find your ideal customers in a scaleable way, and the considerations you should make when scaling your outbound sales efforts.


Nanni Schleicher

Hatha Yoga

In this yoga class we will experience the journey towards the inside. This class is for everybody (and every body) based on soft hatha yoga positions in combination with breathing techniques to encourage consciousness development.

Rim Guermazi

Soma Breathwork - Jump into Blissful Success

Join Rim for a transformational breathwork session where you'll harness the power of the breath and the mind to access a state of bliss and joy. This session will help create more clarity and connection to you intuition and see your life from a different perspective.

Miriam Tymiec

Breathwork Session - Change Your Breath, Change Your Life

During this session you will experience an introduction into the healing, transformative breathwork style you will be using and a full 60-minute breathwork session. By breathing in a specific pattern you are going to change the chemistry in our body and can get into a trance-like state (altered state of consciousness). This technique is an amazing tool to get out of your brain's default network mode, tap into your subconscious, release physical or mental blockages and/or gain a wider perspective.

Dori Juhasz

Authentic Connection

Do you know a lot of people, but you don’t feel you truly know them? You have the desire to have meaningful conversations and create lasting friendships, but you can’t seem to find a way? During this interactive workshop, Dori will guide you on a journey into deep, authentic connections where you can experience the power of true connection.

Brit Smith & Kevin Bice

Improv Theatre

The Improv Workshop has been getting nomads on stage and laughing since the very first Nomadbase event. This workshop is for everyone, even if you've never been on stage before. Brit and Kevin make beginners comfortable with easy and fun games at the beginning. So you can sit back and laugh, or jump in the scene if you want!

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